Cos - 2019 Rami Bianco

Founded in 1980, Azienda Agricola COS is one of Sicily’s coolest producers, running biodynamically and fermenting naturally to canvas the unique terroir of Vittoria. Rami is a mouthwatering marriage of Inzolia and Grecanico, wild fermented on skins for a week in concrete before being aged in bottle. This is an intimate wine that keeps revealing secrets the longer you spend with it. With beautiful, sweet aromas of apricots, dried flowers, orange, yellow peach, dried herbs and light clay spice, you'll find yourself sniffing and sinffing until you hyperventilate. Maybe. The palate is tactual, sensual, gripping your gob with dried fruits, orange peel and flowers, bundled up in a wonderful chalky texture. With seafood, this wine is a dream. But also any food.

Varietal Inzolia, Grecanico || Region Sicily, Italy || ABV 12% || Vol 750ml