Commune of Buttons - 2020 Pretty Fun Pet Nat

It's pretty. It's fun. It's PRETTY FUN. Need we say more?

Yes? ok. This fizzy potion by the Buttons is 100% Pinot Gris from Mike and Margie Sparrow’s organic Mt Torrens vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. The fruit was fermented on skins for 12 hours then pressed and bottled during primary fermentation with 14g of residual sugar. The bottles were laid down for a further nine months to develop and allow the carbon dioxide to reach its full potential (and fizz) with disgorgement taking place on 3 November to remove any tartrates.
On opening, a creamy mousse lures you tongue-first into a peachy peary pash. Crunchy and textural, with a luscious linear acid line giving the wine incredible length. The skin contact provides phenolics and structure in spades. Chill it down and drink it straight from the bottle! Or a wine glass, if you're fancy.

Variety Pinot Gris || Region Adelaide Hills, SA || ABV 11% || Vol 750ml