Commune of Buttons - 2019 ABC Chardonnay

Siblings Jasper and Sophie Button returned to their mother's abandoned vineyard in the Hills, determined to bring it back to life. They've each spent countless hours and bars of energy restoring the vineyard to glory, leaning on biodynamic principles and science. Japser is calculated, scientific, obsessive. Sophie is vivacious, enigmatic, warm. Together they make wines that reflect themselves and the site, truly. The ABC parcel is the coolest site in the vineyard facing due east with a relatively gentle slope. It also has some of the thinnest soil of clay but with the sandstone shelf closest to the surface. The coolness and bareness of the soil always produces a leaner more structured wine. It is nervy, racy, textured. It begs for cheese and butter and bread, great drop. 

Variety Chardonnay || Region Basket Range, SA || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml