Commune of Buttons - 2018 Basketolo

Siblings Jasper and Sophie Button returned to their mother's abandoned vineyard in the Hills. They've each spent countless hours and bars of energy restoring the vineyard to glory, leaning on biodynamic principles and science. Japser is calculated, scientific, obsessive. Sophie is vivacious, enigmatic, warm. Together they make wines that reflect themselves and the site, truly. Their Nebbiolo spent a sunshiney year ripening in its rows, becoming rich and full and lush. Three weeks fermenting, lots of air, aged for 18 months. It is red frogged, musky, spicy and generous. Like all good Nebb it develops over a couple of days open, is best rewarded with food - perhaps pasta night! 

Variety Nebbiolo || Region Basket Range, SA || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml