Chiyomusubi - Kitaro Tottori Junmai Ginjo Sake

Cup of happiness!

Junmai Ginjo sake crafted by Chiyomusubi sake brewery in Tottori prefecture (which has been making sake since 1865!) Tottori Prefecture is famed all over Japan for a manga called 'Gegege no Kitaroo', a story featuring all kinds of ghosts. This little cup features Kitarō – the one-eyed boy born in a cemetary. It's made from Yamadanishiki rice, polished to 45%. A gentle aroma of steamed rice, grains, and vanilla leads to a wide and full-bodied palate with deep crevices of caramel, maple syrup, and mature fruits finishing with a tingle tail. An elegant, no-fuss sake that's delicious with food and delicious without. Best served room temp.

Type Sake || Region Tottori, Japan || ABV 16.5% || Vol 180ml