Chinati Vergano - Chinato Vermouth

Chinato Vermouth

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Piemonte, Italy

Barolo Chinato is perhaps Piemonte’s most famous digestif. But you already knew that. Traditionally made with Barolo, it takes its name from the bark of quinine (or 'China') tree, which is the main botanical here. If you haven't yet tried Mauro Vergano's Chinato, then please remedy this immediately. Vergano once worked as a chemist specialising in flavours and aromas, and today he crafts some of the world's finest vermouths. He prefers to use a younger Barbaresco, where the tannins not as firm and the perfume a little more lifted. The quinine bark gives the wine tea-like tannins, while herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, bay, ginseng, and rhubarb (and more..) provide warmth and fascination. Serve as a digestif or with a piece of very good dark chocolate. Bliss.

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