Château Les Mesclances - 2020 Romane Rose

2020 Romane Rose

Provence, France

Mourvèdre may be best known as a blending grape, but good grief it’s impressive when given centre stage. It has a deep, dark, intense feeling to it, moody almost. Dark berries and nutmeg, cassia bark and juniper, violets grown on healthy dark soil. The quartz in the land it grows from gives it a quintessential sparkle of acid too, for balance.

Located in Provence, Château Les Mesclances is a winery with deep family history dating back to the ancient Gallo-Roman times. Knowledge, skill and an 'ancestral passion for the vine' have been honed over many, many generations. All their wines are organic and sustainable certified. The vines are planted in the traditional way on high trellising, and the vineyards are worked by hand. Native grasses are planted to avoid erosion, and nettle and horsetail herbal teas are made as natural defenses of the vine.