Cantina Giardino - 2020 Glu Glu

2020 Glu Glu

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Coda di Volpe
Campania, Italy

Brand new baby from Cantina Giardino. Coda di Volpe, with minimal skin contact and only 10% alcohol – total smasher. Scents of orange, cider, lemon zest and saltwood. On the palate exuberant fruit: pineapple, peach, passionfruit and lime, with fine juniper bitters. Structurally crisp and light. Drink with food, or without. This is a white wine that's as versatile as a white t-shirt.

High in the hills of Campania, Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola work with old vineyards to celebrate and preserve the region’s native varietals, old vines and traditional practices. In the vineyard, everything is done by hand and the low-yielding vines are tended organically. Grapes are vinified naturally without temperature control – fermentation can continue for months – and wines are raised in a combination of terracotta amphorae and large casks made from local woods. Bottled unfiltered with no additions at all, the resulting vinos vividly encapsulate time and place.

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