Cantina Giardino - 2018 Paski Magnum

2018 Paski Magnum

Coda di Volpe, Greco
Campania, Italy 

High in the hills of Campania, Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola work with old vineyards to celebrate and preserve the region’s native varietals, old vines and traditional practices. In the vineyard, everything is done by hand and the low-yielding vines are tended organically. Grapes are vinified naturally without temperature control – fermentation can continue for months – and wines are raised in a combination of terracotta amphorae and large casks made from local woods. Bottled unfiltered with no additions at all, the resulting vinos vividly encapsulate time and place.

'Paski' is Coda di Volpe from Montemarano and Paternopoli, growing on clay soils, wild fermented for four days on skins then aged in chestnut casks for a year. 2018 was a cooler vintage and the wine shows beaut balance, minerality, acidity and persistency. Ultre fresh, humming with grapefruit, blood orange, peach and spice. Layers on layers on layers on layers, like a vinous onion. Don't drink too cold – 12 degrees is spot on.