Calvi Mosto - Argento Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Grey) 250ml

Argento Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Grey) 250ml

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Located in Imperia Oneglia, Calvi Mosto was established in 1921 by Giuseppe Calvi and today it's managed by Gianni and Luca Calvi, who work by an ethos ancient and simple: to offer the highest quality natural artisanal products. Their olive mill sits amongst the olive-groves of the Oneglia Valley, which are spread out below the village of Lucinasco on traditional terraces, composed exclusively of Taggiasca olive trees. The yield is lower than other groves in the valley, however due to their favourable position, the soil composition and the altitude, the olive groves of Lucinasco produce an extra virgin olive oil of unrivaled quality. 

Mosto Argento is a perfect blend of the Taggiasca olive with other reputed Italian cultivars. Olives were harvested by hand from November to December, at maximum ripening, and then immediately cold pressed. Bottled unfiltered. 250ml

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