Birdsnake - Strange Magic Chocolate Sauce

Strange Magic Chocolate Sauce

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Insanely good squeezy choco handcrafted in Fairfield, Melbourne, by Freddie. Made with Ecuadorean Cacao and Coconut Oil and designed to be squeezed onto anything you like. Squeeze into your face! Drown your pancakes, ice cream, cereal, morning oats or sorrows. Take it camping, or keep it in your handbag for an emergency. 350ml squeeze bottles.

This is bean to bar chocolate, meaning the cacao seeds are roasted and then processed into chocolate in house – as opposed to sourcing them pre-made from overseas. Freddie has direct communication with his cacao producers and pays them a much more motivating price that is not related to the commodity market. A delicious alternative to cheap, non-ethically sourced chocolate. 

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