Bink - 2020 Mirrors Zinfandel

"Even for the wine industry, this vintage was a challenging one. Heatwaves, hail, heavy winds during flowering, bushfires ... Mother Nature gave it her all this time around. The vineyards took a massive beating earlier this year, but the fruit quality was pretty damm good!!! The fruit that was left showed signs of lifted characters and good acids. Just what I want for Bink wines.

Mirros is 100%  Clare valley fruit, Waterdale. Picked end of February. 85% destemmend with 15% whole bunch. Put in layers, like a cake in a open VC. Fermented dry on skins and pressed to seasoned french oak. Cowabunga. Medium bodied style of Zinfandel. Notes of raspberries, blackberries and figues in nose. Broad mouthfeel with a joyous play between soft gentle tannins and fruit/spice components. This a banger!!!" – Koen Jansaens

Variety Zinfandel || Region Clare Valley, SA || ABV 12% || Vol 750ml