Bentenmusume - Junmai Goriki Sake

Junmai Goriki Sake

Tottori, Japan

Bentenmusume (辨天娘) is one of the smallest breweries in Japan. It is a tiny Kura tucked away in the mountain forests of Wakasa town, in Tottori prefecture, owned and run by the Ohta Family – who all pitch in to help make saké in the winter and are out in the fields growing rice in the summer. They are dedicated to making traditional 'Shoku-chū shu'.

The brewery is very family-centric, and even their sake tanks are named 'first daughter', 'second daughter' and so on, with each treated like their own child. Each bottle is single origin – the rice they use is all grown locally in Wakasa town, and on each sake bottle, alongside the ingredients, is the name of the farmer who grew the rice. Wakasa is surrounded by beautiful mountains with lush green forests, and is blessed with crystal clear water and excellent rice fields.

This Junmai Goriki exudes earthy goodness – you can taste the simple wholesome goodness of nature. It's a real 'slow food' saké. At room temp, the aroma has subtle glimmers of peach around a warm rice base. The flavour is clean with a tingly suggestion of peach leaving a dry zingy aftertaste around the edges of your tongue. Can be enjoyed at different temperatures, but perhaps the best is 40–45˚C – when the aromas becomes warm and ricey, and the flavour more mellow.