Autonomy - Australian Orange Liqueur

Australian Orange Liqueur

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Spotswood, VIC
Spotswood, VIC

"We've collaborated with the crew at Market Juice Co. to make this delicious and sustainable orange liqueur. Made using a blend of orange and blood orange peels from the juices they squeeze fresh each day, this liqueur has a bold upfront citrus note, balanced by sweetness and luxurious mouthfeel. If you like the popular brands of imported orange liqueurs, you'll love this sustainable and Australian version!

As we started learning about the process of spirit production, we were astounded by the amount of resources required to produce a bottle of liquor. So we decided to figure out our own, more sustainable approach to craft spirits. ​By using native species of Australian botanicals, we can support local businesses, local farmers and reduce food miles and associated fossil fuels. Instead of peeling whole fruits, we collect citrus peels left over from Market Juice Co after they're done squeezing fresh juice." – Autonomy

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