Ari's Natural Wine - 2021 Pash and Pop

2021 Pash and Pop

Zibbibo, Vermentino
Riverlands, SA / Southern Highlands, NSW

Pash & Pop; a play on the regretful drinking decisions of our youth, showing we can appreciate the nostalgia of them, but not return to them. Playful blend of Zibibbo and Vermentino sourced from organic vineyards in the Riverlands and then vinified in the Highlands. Tropical fruit and fun natty energy, zingy playful park juice. Part pet nat and part orange wine.

Tony Zafirakos and Maddie Parks-Nielson have been off to huge success with their fledgling NSW Highlands-based natural winemaking operation. The pair make wines that are really the product of intuition, pleasure and curiosity, having had no formal wine training, it really is a garage project gone pro.