Antagonist Spirits - Sun Baked Sundae Spiced Rum

Sun Baked Sundae Spiced Rum

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Spiced Rum
Melbourne, Victoria

Oftentimes we can use language to conjure imagery that throws you right into a memory, an emotion or even something you may be yet to experience, but can somehow preemptively feel. Here we don’t even have to do the legwork. Sun Baked Sundae Rum. Um, yep. Melty, sticky fingers and cold tongues licking ice cream while the sun beats down so you wipe your mouth with your arm and go jump in the pool to cool off? We’re in. Made using Australian Cane - distilled in small batches, delicately aged and spiced. Roasted mango and toasted macadamia nuts are added to give Sun Baked Sundae a decadent affectation. Serve with ginger beer, in a pina colada or neat. 

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