Anne et Jean-Francois Ganevat - 2018 Poulprix

Jean-François Ganevat ... A name that needs no introduction. Jura icon and one of the region’s top producers, Ganevat comes from a fruitful line of vignerons dating back to 1650. He and his wife Anne produce extraordinary single-parcel micro cuvées with fruit from their small biodynamic vineyard (as well as from their vigneron friends around the region). In the cellar, Ganevat gives each cuvée highly individualised élévage, and gravitates toward the Burgundian style of using ouillage to top up barrels. Long story short, he is a magician. Ganevat's grapes are spun into gold.

This special 'Poulprix' rouge is a generous, lusty wine that delivers you to a velvet-clad royal parlour. Deep black and red fruits with spices pull your nose into the glass, where you're greeted, gently, with whirls of strawberry and wood. 80% Gamay vinified naturally with indigenous Jura varieties such as Poulsard and Savagnin, in truncated cone vats and amphorae. Aged in Burgundian barrels for one year before bottling without fining, filtration or added sulphites. Just a couple of bottles available!

Varietal Gamay and more || Region Jura, France || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml