Animus Distillery - Ambrosian Gin

Ambrosian Gin

Macedon Ranges, VIC

Big call, but this is one of our top three gins. It's really special.

Animus’ Ambrosian gin is a zesty, spicy potion that has an effortless, almost fluffy texture across the palate. There are bright, tangy notes thanks to fresh mandarin, lime and young kaffir lime leaf. The punchy, fresh ginger and galangal bring rooty intensity and earthy, spicy notes, while white sesame seeds leaves a nutty hint on the finish. What could have been a chaotic riot of flavours is, in fact, a perfectly integrated, pure, uncluttered gin with everything in harmonious proportion.

Unique to Animus is the way they pick a proportion of their botanicals fresh from their own on-site, botanical garden in the cool of the morning, then, use this fresh harvest to distill their gins in the same afternoon. Wow. Crafting their gins in very small batches, they use the highest grade of 100% Australian grain spirit, triple filtered using a custom gravity-fed carbon filter system to provide the purest base for capturing the soul of their botanicals. Animus' botanical baskets are changed frequently throughout the production of each batch, a labour-intensive process that allows them to extract the freshest, richest flavours. Their extracted botanicals are then reutilised as fertiliser for growing the next generation of botanicals, and such sustainable practices are foremost in their ethos (they have also been upgrading their energy infrastructure to renewable sources). So much to love about this project!