Anders Frederik Steen - 2019 RdT

2019 RdT

Muscat blanc, Muscat Noir, Chasselas, Italia, Ribol Noir, Cardinal, Syrah, Grenache Blanc       
Ardèche, France

RdT. Really Darn Tasty. This light red is crafted from Raisins de Table (Muscat blanc, Muscat Noir, Chasselas, Italia, Ribol Noir and Cardinal), plus Syrah and Grenache Blanc. The destemmed Raisins de Table and Grenache Blanc were macerated in the pressings of Syrah for 6 weeks, after which the grapes were pressed and moved to barriques for almost 11 months on gross lees, without racking. So much going on here! On an aromatic level. It's ethereal and juicy, with sour cherry, fig, earth and red jammy fruits. Take a ride to Tasty Town (yes, we said it). Enjoy in one sitting.

Ex-chef, NOMA alumni, Danish ex-pat Anders Frederik Steen has been creating living wine from “grapes and only grapes” since 2013. He lives with his family in the village of Valvignères in the Ardèche, producing phenomenal potions from some of the region’s most beautiful vineyards. His wines have developed a cult-following for their honest expression of this part of the world, where vineyards have been tended organically for decades and many different varieties coexist on a perfect mix of clay and limestone.