AMI - 2019 AOP Côte de Beaune Blanc 'Les Mosnières'

2019 AOP Côte de Beaune Blanc 'Les Mosnières'

Burgundy, France.

AMI is a project between two good friends, Paul Marchand-Perarnau and Willy Roulendes. Paul was previously a sommelier, is an excellent blind taster, has experience in farming and winemaking, and spent some time selling wine for Dynamic Vines in London. Willy on the other hand, has 20 years experience in winemaking. Together they have created their AMI outpost in the Maranges valley, in the south of the Côte de Beaune. The wines are a flip on the head style to what we normally see out of Burgundy, but with all the power and presence of wines typical to the region. Les Mosnières is Chardonnay from Beaune, but with the nose of breezy, crisp Chablis. Roasted lemon, brown butter, blanched almonds and matcha on the nose. Lemon, lime and orchard fruit in the palate. So creamy and warming and nourishing yet flinty and steely, tucked full of minerals. A complex Chardonnay for people who are looking for something exciting from Burgundy.