Amabuki - Hiyaoroshi Omachi SAKE

Established 1688 in the northern Kyushu region, Amabuki Brewery has been producing sake for over 325 years. Yes, that's right – over three centuries. Uniquely, they specialise in using flower yeasts, which – combined with locally harvested Saga rice and underground water – creates singular sake of phenomenal craftmanship and skill. Their rice is grown in pesticide-free paddies using a unique method ... Ducks! Ducks live in and among the rice, eating weeds and inscets and keeping the paddies free from pests. Their webbed feet also bring oxygen to the roots of the rice, making for beautiful sake rice.

Amabuki's Hiyaoroshi Omachi is aged sake made from Omachi rice and Marigold flower yeast. The true expressions of the marigold flower are noticeable both on the palate and nose of this sake. It's not too heavy, with rich umami and rice flavours. Enjoy chilled or at room temp, but also it really shines when gently warmed. 

Type Sake || Region Saga, Japan || ABV 15.5% || Vol 720ml