ALG Seaweed - Rainbow Seaweed Flakes

Rainbow Seaweed Flakes

Seaweed is so good! A nutritional superfood AND delicious! Adding just a teaspoon of Rainbow Seaweed Flakes to your everyday meal is like adding a flavour explosion of herbs from the sea. This is a blend of five organically farmed inland and wild-harvested seaweed from Australia and Northern Europe, forming a vibrant medley of green, brown and burgundy. The subtle salty, umami flavour enhances the taste of any meal – use it as an all-rounder condiment, sprinkle into daily dishes like avocado, eggs, pasta dough, rice, seafood, smoothies, desserts... everything. The flakes becomes chewy as they moisten in the mouth. Mmm. Smells like the sea :)

100% natural, vegan, source of Iodine, Vitamin B12, Iron & Magnesium, no preservatives or additives, made in Australia.