Alessandro Viola
Alessandro Viola - 2019 Sinfonia di Rosso

2019 Sinfonia di Rosso

Sicily, Italy

Alessandro Viola's father was a vine grower, although other than a few bottles of homemade wine he never saw the fruit of his hard work in the vineyard into bottle. From an early age Alessandro was fascinated by grape growing, and after a few vintages of self-teaching he decided to study oenology. During his university studies he steered away from the mechanical side of winemaking that was being taught and decided to study the science. The idea that nothing needed to be added or taken away from the wine if the grapes, soil and winemaking were all working together, became his mantra. This purist mantra – with the utmost respect for natural symbiosis – has guided him ever since, in the vineyard and the winery.

Alessandro's 2020 Sinfonia di Rosso is 100% Nerello Mascalese growing in clay soils. Whiffs of red fruits, mediterranean herbs and toasted stuff sail from the glass in aromatic ribbons, pulling you in deeper and deeper until you have wine on your nose. In the mouth, it's structured and deep, sensual and exotic, with vanillian oak and fresh fruit. Supple and rounded, like a baby's bum.