Agri - Fermented Red Chilli Paste

Fermented Red Chilli Paste

"We've found lots of delicious things to do with the fermented chilli pulp from our sriracha-making process. One of them is this paste. Blended with extra virgin olive oil, the use of skins and seeds give it a rich, earthy flavour and a ‘just right’ level of heat. Stick it in your stir-fry, or slather it on your sanger." – Agri

Do yourself a favour and get this fermented chilli paste. It's the BOMB (not in an explosive-heat-sense; just in the bloody-delicious sense). It is our go-to chilli – we had it on pizza the other night; heaven! Lovingly hand made in Melbourne from all natural ingredients. Gluten, dairy, nut and soy free; vegan. 150g