Jauma - 2019 Why Try So Hard

"Blush in colour, start by thinking along the lines of big kids juice but backed up by a beautiful textural line from the skin ferments." – James Erskine, Jauma

The fruit for all Jauma wines is farmed organically by Fiona Wood and Dave Gartelman. Grapes are hand-picked, vinified naturally and bottled without any additions. These are living wines – home to healthy bacteria and yeast from remaining sugars, tannins and acids, which are metabolised for energy and release gas in doing so – so expect a tickle of fizz (sometimes). But, as the wine warms up the gasses leave and the aromas will further unfurl. Chill. 

Varietal Chenin Blanc, Semillon || Region Adelaide Hills, SA || ABV 10.5% || Vol 750ml