Cradle Mountain Whiskey - The Forest Trail

The Forest Trail

Tasmania, Australia

This expression of whiskey is said to be reminiscent of the smell of the surrounding forests in Tasmania, early in the morning. It is made with Macquarie barley and Cradle Mountain spring water, and nothing more. Barrelled and aged in Bourbon and Port Oak with a heavy charr, giving stewed figs, dried apricots, persimmon and tangerine. Sweet resinous pine needle, black pepper, vanilla custard and cigar. Commercial distilling in Tasmania was illegal up until the early 1990’s, when a group of lobbyists banded together in order to overturn the rules of still size. Success came shortly after and now there are around 30 distilleries operating on the apple isle, making use of some of the purest water and the highest quality grains around. After a few name changes and a change in ownership, Cradle Mountain Whiskey has made its name as one of the finest whiskey producers in Australia, with over 30 years of production under their belts.