Uzenshiraume - Junmai-ginjo 'Chirori' 29BY 1800ml

Junmai-ginjo 'Chirori' 29BY 1800ml

Yamagata, Japan

Located in Yamagata, Uzenshiraume is one of the oldest breweries in Japan (established in 1596). The motto of the brewery is 'sake that can be integrated into daily life'. It places very special, careful emphasis on the initial treatment of the raw materials, especially the steaming of the rice.

'Chirori' is the sake that best represents the maker, Shigenori Haneda. Crafted from Yamandanishiki and miyamanishiki rice, polished to 50%, it has an excellent balance of aroma and flavour. So refreshing and gentle, woven with fresh fruity flavours of pineapple, melon and peach. The texture is smooth on the palate with a clean dry finish. This is an ideal entry into the world of sake, which can be enjoyed with a great variety of foods at a wide range of temperatures.