The Cannabis Company - Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin

Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin


Terpenes are usually something you want to avoid in making beverages, but these guys have leaned in, taming them. Stunning array of Australian botanicals with the hemp terpene Limonene, they’ve made a complex and intriguing gin. Very fresh, lots of lemongrass, seagrass, finger lime and myrtle. Lots of classic juniper and coriander. Orris too. The hemp gives an animal, earthy quality that makes it bewitching on the nose, almost like pheromones. Perfect with a splash of lemon tonic.

Fresh cut spring flowers with dried apricots, toffee and musk. Ground pepper and rose petals on the palate. Finish like silk. More-ish and ethereal. French whisky is where it’s at. Tracing a beautiful line between Japanese elegance and the lushness of Scotch, this is a primo example of whisky to come. This overproof has been partly matured in Cabernet Franc clay amphora by emerging producer Aymeric Roborel de Climens, adding another layer of complexity.