Saison - 2021 Summer Flowers White Vermouth

Saison is a small batch, handmade vermouth that celebrates the bounty of each season. It's crafted in Melbourne by chef-turned-aperitif-nerd Dave Verheul, born from the idea that new Australian vermouth could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient-led flavour profiles – rather than the traditional heavily spice and caramel driven palate of many European producers. Dave's 2021 ‘Summer Flowers’ brings together marigolds, calendulas, elderflowers, chamomile, wormwood, apricots and peaches grown on a biodynamic farm on the Mornington Peninsula. The wine is blended with his botanical extracts in high quality South Australian grape spirit, balanced with a small amount of organic sugar. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. A very special vermouth for the sunny season.

Type Vermouth || Region Rutherglen, VIC || ABV 19% || Vol 750ml