MR BLACK - Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee Liqueur

"For this special edition we use coffee from one washstation in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Known as “the king of coffees”, fruit from the Yirgacheffe region has a well-deserved reputation for being the highest quality available. Notes of earl grey and bergamot, with underlying hints of roasted hazelnuts. Generous zesty orange marmalade on the palate with a long lasting pleasant tingling finish. The exceptional quality of the beans from this region makes this one of the best iterations we’ve made in our seven year history.

This Single Origin edition also represents an evolution in our coffee sourcing, partnering with the Project Origin organisation. This is more than just a bottle of (very tasty) coffee liqueur. It’s a vote with your tastebuds and a vote supporting communities of farmers that grow high-quality coffees and are ensuring they’re paid above market rate for it.

Enjoy neat, or on a large rock of ice. If cocktails are your thing, the rich fruit notes of this liqueur lend themselves to a variety of modern and classic creations." – Mr Black

Type Coffee Liqueur || Region Erina, NSW || ABV 25% || Vol 700ml