Mifuku - Sanrensei Black Jikagumi Sake

Sanrensei Black Jikagumi Sake

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Shiga, Japan

This is the limited version of Mifuku Shuzo's Sanrensei Black, made as 'jikagumi' which is done by bottling directly after the pressing process is finished. Tonnes of flavour and aroma, with some silken effervescence. The palate is creamy and curvaceous, evoking kiwis and green grapes, with oodles of umami. Dry, and darn delicious.

Let it take you on a journey into the castle town of Minakuchi, Shiga, where it's crafted by Mifuku Shuzo – a sake brewery over a century old. Mifuku is committed to the traditional style of brewing 'Yamahai Jikomi' – a traditional slow fermentation technique at low temperatures requiring extra time and care, which gives this sake width and depth in flavour that persists whether served cold, ambient or hot.

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