Casa Los Agaves - Mezcal Cupreata

Here we have  ablend of two of the very best agaves utilised for Mezcal production – the classic Agave Espadin from Oaxaca and the rare wild Agave Cupreata from Guerrero. Whilst the Agave Espadin for Los Agaves is cultivated in Oaxaca, the Agave Cupreata is harvested from the wild, its maturation period lasting anywhere between 14-20 years. It is one of the most complex and distinctive flavours in the world of Mezcal, remeniscent of an age statement single malt whisky. The combining of two vastly different agaves – the tame and the wild – creates a complex and hard-to-describe flavour profile. It's mmoother and less smokey than typical single agave Mezcals, with a touch of sweetness, chocolate and mandarin. In a word: yum.

Type Mezcal || Origin Oaxaca, Mexico || ABV 42% || Vol 700ml