Furneaux Distillery - 50/50 Flinders & Scotland Peated Bourbon Cask

"Scotland (and in particular, Islay) is the home of this incredible tradition, and the place from which we were inspired to build this distillery in the antipodean island set in the sea off Tasmania. We wanted to experiment with the contrast of flavour from the smoked grain from our land, versus the smoked grain from Scotland. This whisky was distilled from half Flinders Island peated grain, and half Scottish peated grain.

Vanilla, tobacco and brown sugar on the nose, palate of porridge, orange, and light honey. The Scottish influence provides a bit more of the classically meaty peat profile on the front palate, which is supported by the warmer, softer spice and smoke from the endemic peat on the back. This whisky is beautifully balanced, and a wonderful meeting of both worlds." – Damien Newton-Brown, Founder and Distiller

This whisky is phenomenal. It really is. Only 110 bottles made.

Type Whisky || Origin Flinders Island, TAS || ABV 48% || Vol 500ml