Chiyomusubi - Nezumi Otoko Jungin Junmai Ginjo Sake in Cup

Nezumi Otoko Jungin Junmai Ginjo Sake in Cup

Tottori, Japan

Cup o' joy!

Junmai Ginjo sake crafted by Chiyomusubi sake brewery in Tottori prefecture (which has been making sake since 1865). Tottori Prefecture is famed all over Japan for a manga called 'Gegege no Kitaroo', a story featuring all kinds of ghosts. This little cup features Nezumi Otoko (Rat Man). It's made from gohyakumangoku rice, polished to 55%. A discreet aroma of almonds and raisins leads to a dry palate with hard-to-pin-down fruits and roasted nuts. Nicely balanced acidity and bitterness. An elegant, no-fuss sake that's delicious with food and delicious without. Serve chilled, room temp or warmed.