Vincent Carême - 2019 Fizzy Pink

Vincent Carême is fast gaining a reputation as one of Vouvray’s finest producers. He and his wife Tania inherited 5 hectares of vines in prime Vouvray terroir from Vincent’s parents. Today they work with around 15 hectares, including the superb Le Clos terroir. Their cave is very old, carved into the tuffeau cliffs. Inside, there are some extraordinary sculptures carved by a friend called Olivier Masson. Some of the vines grow near the cave, overlooking the cliffs that line the Loire River in this part of the valley. Vincent picks his grapes carefully by hand and presses them gently, before allowing the natural yeasts to do their thing.

His Fizzy Pink is ridiculously delicious and Fun (yes, with a capital F). Vincent normally only makes it for local consumption, from their cellar door or in the nearby city of Tours – it’s never been exported, but heroes Sue and Roger convinced him to let them import a little to Australia. It's a blend of 20% Cabernet Franc, 40% Malbec, 20% Gamay, and 20% Grolleau Noir. This is an uncomplicated, easy drinking sparkling, laced with smacks of elderflower and strawberry. It's fizzy. It's pink. It's everything you want in a fizzy pink (and probably a whole lot more).

Variety Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Gamay, Grolleau Noir || Region Loire, France || ABV 13.5% || Vol 750ml