Das Juice - 2021 Das Juice Prosecco

2021 Das Juice Prosecco Pet Nat

Alpine Valleys, VIC

Couple of wire crossing terms in this next line, but don’t worry, you will get it. Das Juice Prosecco is made as a Pet Nat from the traditional grape used in Prosecco production; Glera. Still with us? Never mind. Bright, lemon pithy, green apple and clean. Perfect for spritzes or as a refreshing aperitif. Das Juice is a partnership between long time friends and business partners, Tom Sheer and James Audas. The two run LO-FI Imports, a wine importing company that sources rare and unique natural wines from across the globe. In terms of winemaking acumen, James runs A.R.C. wines, based out of Gippsland and Tom, well, Tom drinks a lot of wine. The range is meant to not only fill gaps in the easy drinkers, sustainable market, but is a fun and uplifting project for the pair.