Sugii - 2016 Shuzo Tenpo 13

2016 Shuzo Tenpo 13

Junmai Sake
Shizuoka, Japan

Tenpo 13 has been crafted with Hitombore and Aichi no Kaoriusing rice, using the traditional Yamahai yeast starter method – a brewing style, that along with the Kimoto method, is generally only used used in specialty brews by artisanal breweries due to the extra brewing time and added risk in requires. The use of the Yamahai method has produced a robust and full-bodied sake. With a complex and textural palate, this sake has savoury elements of rice bran and a hint of earthiness. Drink at room temperature or gently warmed. Once opened the Sugii 'Tenpo 13' will last well for at least 10 to 12 weeks, ideally in a refrigerator.

The Sugii Brewery was founded in Fujieda City, Shizuoka, in 1842. The current 6th generation Kuromoto (Brewery owner) and Toji (Master Brewer) is Kinnosuke Sugii, who took over running the brewery from his father in 1995 and became Toji in 2000.