Juji-asahi - Junmai Gohyakumangoku Sake in Tokkuri 180ml

Junmai Gohyakumangoku Sake in Tokkuri 180ml

Shimane, Japan

Asahi is a small brewery producing handcrafted sake since 1902 in Izumu – the 'town of the Gods'. Seiichi Sato is the 10th generation owner (!), and his brewery is dedicated to letting nature do its thing. They use rice from Izumo and Okuizumo areas, working closely with farmers who grow their rice naturally without the use of pesticides, and pure water from the Kitayama Mountains (which is rich in minerals). Asahi still produces their sake in the original warehouse built in 1915, with earthen walls that 'seem to be breathing'.

This little sake is made by Eriko Terada-san, daughter and the successor of the brewery. It's crafted with gohyakumangoku rice, in the labour-intensive kimoto method. Medium-dry, it's soft and refreshing with a silken depth of flavour that becomes even more alluring when warmed. Crisp, clean aftertaste keeps you coming back for more (lucky it's a small bottle). Best enjoyed at 25℃ - 60℃. For okan (warm sake), prepare a saucepan with 10cm of nearly-boiling water, pop the cap off the sake and place it in the saucepan for 3-5 mins. Voila. AND you can use the empty bottle as a tokkuri after you finish it :) 

"Don't like sake?" Try this.