Les Vignerons - 2018 Saint Pourcain La Ficelle

Les Vignerons is a co-operative of grape growers and winemakers in Saint Pourçain, a village on the fringe of the Loire Valley. This slurpy, sloshy, snappy little red is a fusion of Gamay and Pinot Noir. It's really fresh and vibrant, beaming with bright red fruits sewn with faint silky, spicy threads. Jubey and joyous, and as loveable as a puppy. If you like Beaujolais reds, or any reds really, this is for you. A classic vin de soif, best enjoyed with buddies. Sun's out? Pop it in the fridge. 

PS. 'La Ficelle' translates to ‘string’ in French, alluding to the olden days when the barkeep would dip a length of string into a patron's flagon to see how much wine they's consumed, in order to charge them accordingly before they rose off on their merry way. Cute.

Varietal Gamay, Pinot Noir || Region Saint Pourçain, France || ABV 13.5 % || Vol 750ml