Elvio Cogno - Cascina 2017 Nuova Barolo

Cascina 2017 Nuova Barolo

Piemonte, Italy

‘17 is a bang on year for Barolo investment. Warm, but plenty of rain, making for wines styled classically, built to age in bunkers for many years. Two years in large format Slavonian oak, dusty with cherries, petrichor, five spice and leather. The inimitable Elvio Cogno has always had roots in the grape growing industry, but making wine was a simple practice, for himself and for the restaurant he owned. Seeing the value of the fruit, and a powerful urge to represent the single sites of Barolo for the prestige they deserved, he partnered with Marcarini in the 50’s, being the first producer to show the site on the bottles. We see this as common practice now, but it was revolutionary back then. His daughter Nadia now runs the 1.5 hectares, still aligned with Elvio’s ethos of putting site before anything else when it comes to labelling. The wines are immense, concentrated, rippling with energy.