Matassa - 2020 Cuvée Alexandria

2020 Cuvée Alexandria

Muscat de Alexandria
Languedoc Rousillon, France

Literally liquid gold. Juicy mango, apricot, honey, grapefruit, orange, acacia bloom, peach, elderflower, jasmine, sage, nectarine... What's the word limit here? Just wow. Oily and sexual. When the sun's beating down on your back and the world is melting: Cuvée Alexandria.

Tom Lubbe is a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa. In the late '90s, Tom was working at the only estate in South Africa using indigenous yeasts and lower yields. He helped innovate and shape the wine scene in South Africa and forged the space for winemakers like Craig Hawkins (Testalonga), who spent several vintages working with Tom. Interested in working with Mediterranean varietals, Tom managed to score a 3-month internship at the legendary Domaine Gauby in the village of Calce. Gerard Gauby quickly befriended Tom and asked him to come back for three consecutive vintages. During that time, Tom met his wife Nathalie, who just so happens to be Gerard's sister. The birth of their first child halted Tom's plan of returning to South Africa, opting instead to stay in Calce and start his own estate.