Banshu Hamono - Japanese Folding Knife Black Oxide

Japanese Folding Knife Black Oxide

The Banshu region in Hyogo prefecture has the longest history of forging in Japan; where the blacksmith industry dates back to the sixteenth century. This famed brass pocket knife or 'Higonokami' is made by fourth generation blacksmith Motosuke Nagao, the last blacksmith in Japan permitted to craft genuine Higonokami. Its design hasn't changed since the Meiji period (1868-1912). The handle is crafted of brass with a black oxide finish, and the blade of the famous Japanese blue steel (aogami).

A humble daily tool for those who appreciate it, that will only get better with age. Perfect for camping, cooking, crafting, foraging, or opening boxes. The Japanese writing says 'this is certified Higonokami.’ The knife comes in a cute box wrapped in a piece of recycled Japanese fabric; each piece of fabric is different. As these knives are handmade, each one is unique and may carry slight differences. Measures 65 mm unfolded with a 72mm blade; weighs 41g.