Ziggy's Wildfoods - Native Davidson Plum & Mint Bush Drinking Shrub

Native Davidson Plum & Mint Bush Drinking Shrub

Ever tried a Davidson Plum? It’s tart. Not just a little bit, but VERY. Like a sour warhead candy (remember those?). Here it’s fermented and slightly toned down with the help of Native Oval-Leaf Mint – giving a minty cooling flavour to restrain the might of the plum. Seriously tasty if you love sour drinks and cocktails, and with the most gorgeous ruby red colour.

What is a Shrub, anyway? It's a concentrated 17th century preservation beverage that combines fresh fruit, sugar and vinegar. The result is a sweet yet tantalisingly acidic drop that can be enjoyed on its own or used in mixed drinks. An excellent way to add zing to fresh beverages or cocktails. Pair with a splash of soda or ginger beer and fresh apple, or dash it with tequila, mezcal, whiskey, or vodka. You’ll find this style of drink fascinating once you get a taste for it! 200ml

All of Ziggy's products are proudly created using wild hand-foraged Australian Native ingredients, combined with produce grown and sold by Indigenous Communities, Organisations and Wild Harvesters. A portion of every item sold is also donated directly to supporting upcoming generations through a variety of Indigenous Organisations. Ziggy’s Wildfoods aims to inspire you to rethink your connection with the land of the First Nation Peoples upon which you stand.