Jasper Hill - 2020 Georgia and Friends Shiraz

2020 Georgia and Friends Shiraz

Heathcote, Victoria

There was horrendous drought preceding the 2020 harvest, which thankfully for Georgia’s Paddock at Jasper Hill, as they are dry grown, made the yields even smaller and more concentrated. To buff out the volume, they purchased some friend’s Shiraz grown in Heathcote. There is so much perfume in this, rippling black berry, mulberry, earth. Kampot pepper and five spice, silky in the palate like, well, silk.  Though there’s high alcohol, it still feels remarkably balanced. If an alien came to earth and asked you to show them red wine, you’d probably have some luck showing them this.

Some older Australian estates get a bad wrap purely because they started their quest to make wine during the 80’s, a decade peppered with not-so-good commercial wine coming out of Australia. Jasper Hill should absolutely not be put in this category. Starting in 1982, always in pursuit of the highest quality fruit with absolutely no chemicals since they began, and as little intervention as possible in the cellar. It’s family run, small batch and has all the markers of classic, full, rich Australian wine but with personality and integrity.