Mosse - 2015 Marie-Besnard

"When we started out, 'natural wine', at least the way we speak of it today, did not exist. For us it was always about working organically in the vines. We never intervened in the cellar either. We work the vines organically and biodynamically: no chemicals, no herbicides and we work the soils. For me working as well as you can in the vineyard and not intervening in the cellar is the ONLY way to make exceptional wine. If you ask me I'll tell you it's wine made as naturally as possible." – René, of Domaine Mosse

As you can see, the Mosse family are meticulous when it comes to farming and winemaking. René and Agnes have been farming their plot in Anjou since 2001, but their sons are just as invested and will likely take over in the coming years. Pineau d'Aunis, Chenin and Cab Franc are the stars of this region. 

This is an excellent Chenin, and is only released on vintages that were close to perfect. Rare! It comes from a lieu-dit, Marie Besnard (who was a famous serial killer), that holds vines over 100 years old. Old vines equals killer wines. In the palate it's rich and sultry, splashed with the sun of the vintage, but still crunchy and sherbetty with acid. No SO2 required, with fruit this marvellous and wine making otherwise so considered. 

Variety Chenin Blanc || Region Loire Valley, France || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml