Silent Noise - 2021 Cloudy But Fine Chardonnay

2021 Cloudy But Fine Chardonnay

McLaren Vale  SA
"The aromas at first are all about pears from ripe pears to sweet dried pears to spiced pear cake. Fragrant bath salts are hooking up with aromatic brown lime cordial and lemon sherbet. Firstly on the palate there are layers of delicious pears embraced in a round and creamy textural mouthfeel. Sweet citrus notes appear with the slightly steely flavour of tinned apricots and pineapple. There is a clean and bright citrus finish that lingers on and on.
The 2019 Cloudy but Fine Chardonnay is made with high quality a graded fruit from a low yielding vineyard in the Adelaide Hills GI. Charlie stopped the winemaking process of stabilising the wine because it tasted so awesome he didn’t want the wines gorgeous notes to be lost. This is why the wine looks cloudy. Cloudy but Fine." – Silent Noise