Orfeve - L'Esterre 80 Noir de Noir Chocolate

L'Esterre 80 Noir de Noir Chocolate

This exceptional Cru de Propriété is characterised by its creamy sweetness and delicate aromas of banana, fruits and nuts. The cacao is from the island of Grenada – the ‘isle of spice’ – famous for its plantations of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and turmeric. On the outskirts of the rainforest, L’Esterre Estate (family-owned for over 70 years) grows fruity and floral cocoa, and nutmeg, in volcanic soil, in strict accordance with the rules of organic agriculture and agroforestry. 80%. 70g.

Based in Geneva, Orfève was founded by cocoa alchemists François-Xavier Mousin and Caroline Buechler. As a cocoa and chocolate factory, Orfève masters every stage of choco production, from bean to bar. All their cacao comes from small farms or first level cooperatives, committed to sustainable and fair development, organic farming and agroforestry. Orfève gently hand sorts the beans, roasts them in tiny batches at very low temperatures, delicately winnows the beans four times, crushes them slowly with a granite mill (which takes thousands of turns), stirs the cocoa for long hours over several days (adding cane sugar and cocoa butter) before being tempered, matured and packed. What a journey! What an art!