Heist - Drinking Chocolate 70%

Drinking Chocolate 70%

This is REAL chocolate made for melting with whole milk and CREAM. What else would you like to know? How to make the bestest, richest hot choc? Ok. You'll need 35g of drinking chocolate plus 170ml of whole milk and 20ml of double cream. Take a splash of milk and warm in a pan along with the drinking chocolate and stir with your utensil of choice. Once you have formed a silky ganache, add the rest of the milk and cream and heat to your desired temperature – but don’t boil it! Pour it into your favourite mug and that’s it! This beverage is to be sipped, slowly, eyes closed, long satisfied exhale....AAAAHHHHHHH. Made by one of our all-time favourite humans Mikey in Cardiff, Wales, using organic cocoa beans from Sambirano Valley, Madagascar, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter.